Pricing for Services

Microblading Eye Brows- $550.00


First time getting your eye brows Microbladed or need to start over? This option is for you!

During your FREE consultation, Sabrina will determine whether you are a candidate for a touch-up or starting over. 

Microblading Upper Eye Liner $325.00 Microblading Lower Eye Liner $175.00 Microblading Lash Line $325.00


We do Eye Liner Upper and Lower.

This can really define your looks.

Call 863.800.7318 to make a free consultation.

Touch up / Perfecting Visit $50.00/hr


Touch ups should be done within 4-6 weeks of your initial session. 6-month and annual touch ups are also available.

We also provide Repair Services.

Our rate is $50.00 per hour,

Microblading Lips full $500.00 Lower $175.00 also called Lip Blushing


Make an appointment today for your free semi permanent makeup consultation by calling John or Sabrina 863.800.7318

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